Reverse Engineering Mode - Let's start a new track (with no computer) 10

For this episode, I decided to reverse engineered one track that has been fully completed. I go back, step by step, into the creation of "Love is Like a Bomb". It all started with this guitar riff, recorded on a cassette tape...

"Love is Like a Bomb":

----TELEVISION LOVERS---- is now available on Bandcamp, cassette and digital:

"Let's Start a New Track (with No Computer)" Playlist, right here:



Episode 02 : Downtown New-York Beat

This episode is about mythical venues that no longer exist in NYC. *** MYTHICAL venues ! ***

Also, Wina suggested to try something COOL in Chinatown... we weren't disappointed !

While visiting NYC, we thought it'd be cool to shoot videos of our favorite places in the city. Then, we began to film everywhere, and it went from there to "let's also find all the iconic and historic musical places around" !

All the music in this episode:

"NEW-YORK CITY MUSIC & FOOD - Downtown New-York Beat" -- all episodes:

Let's start a new track - 07

Last week we were in New-York, my friend and I, and suddenly we had this CRAZY idea: let’s do a video series about it ! So we filmed, and we filmed... I LOVE New-York, I LOVE music, so, of course, it will be about music and New-York, but also food — so, music and food, and New-York — Musical history of NYC, a certain period, let’s say late 70s early 80s, and food. FOOD !

Now, I’m buried under 4 hours of video footage, and despite the fact that it is CRAZY HOT in Montreal, I’m having a blast editing it all. The problem I’m facing though is that I’m also, at the same time, finishing the new In a Dramatic Gesture album (BUSY days) and now, I’d like to use these tracks in my new video series…. So, the plan is: - Completing the album first.

- Then, sending it to duplication (cassettes)

- Completing the videos, using the new music tracks.

- Then, launching a “pre-order” kind of thing for the album,

- Because I want the first NYC video to be up and running ASAP and the cassettes won’t be ready before a couple of weeks. 

Sounds legit to me ! 

A new video series about New-York (six episodes probably) and a new album coming up ! 

Crazy, crazy summer…

NOW, about this post and this video. I need NEW music ! I don’t have enough !! SO… Let’s roll !