New album -- TELEVISION LOVERS -- is OUT !

My new album, under the project name “In a Dramatic Gesture” is officially out !

Many hours have been put into this album. I’m very proud of it. I Think it’s my best work — I think it’s the closest I got to what I’m aiming for: synths and 80s flavour blending into strong melodic progressions, produced in a very lo-fi and personal way while, at the same time, making a track that could be heard clear and loud; in the end, having a sound that fits this little moniker of mine: Lo-Fi de luxe !

On cassette and digital.

Get it now — In a Dramatic Gesture’s Bandcamp RIGHT HERE

Let's Start a New Track (with No Computer) 08

Next Tuesday, August 6th, I will post the first episode of our new series about New-York:

DOWNTOWN NEW-YORK BEAT / EPISODE 01: There is no episode 01, there is only ZUUL

Link for the premiere

Then, all episodes will be post here (subsequently)

The thing is: for this video series, I ran out of music... again ! So, I filmed a new recording session. Using only the Prophet 08, the Kaossilator Pro and the Yamaha QY10, it turned out to be one productive session !

"Let's Start a New Track (with No Computer)" Playlist, right here


I always start a new track the same way : without a computer.

In the early process, all I’m looking for is a vibe, a tone, something to build upon. That’s it. Nothing complicated, nothing fancy. Just improvising on top of some beat, laying basic chords on cassette tapes or whatever recording support I could use.

Since I’m practically producing music ALL the time, why not shoot and edit some videos ? I don’t know how many I’ll do… 3 ? 10 ? 25 ? We’ll see...

Let's start a new track (with no computer) !

Lately, I decided to up my game on the video side of things. Because I’m always making new music, I thought it would be cool to film some of the new tracks I normally make on the spot, using unconventional methods, and just have fun with it !

So, here’s the first clip, available on my brand new YouTube channel.

I don’t know how many videos I’ll make — since I had a blast doing the first one, you can expect a couple more !