new album

New album -- TELEVISION LOVERS -- is OUT !

My new album, under the project name “In a Dramatic Gesture” is officially out !

Many hours have been put into this album. I’m very proud of it. I Think it’s my best work — I think it’s the closest I got to what I’m aiming for: synths and 80s flavour blending into strong melodic progressions, produced in a very lo-fi and personal way while, at the same time, making a track that could be heard clear and loud; in the end, having a sound that fits this little moniker of mine: Lo-Fi de luxe !

On cassette and digital.

Get it now — In a Dramatic Gesture’s Bandcamp RIGHT HERE

Let's start a new track - 07

Last week we were in New-York, my friend and I, and suddenly we had this CRAZY idea: let’s do a video series about it ! So we filmed, and we filmed... I LOVE New-York, I LOVE music, so, of course, it will be about music and New-York, but also food — so, music and food, and New-York — Musical history of NYC, a certain period, let’s say late 70s early 80s, and food. FOOD !

Now, I’m buried under 4 hours of video footage, and despite the fact that it is CRAZY HOT in Montreal, I’m having a blast editing it all. The problem I’m facing though is that I’m also, at the same time, finishing the new In a Dramatic Gesture album (BUSY days) and now, I’d like to use these tracks in my new video series…. So, the plan is: - Completing the album first.

- Then, sending it to duplication (cassettes)

- Completing the videos, using the new music tracks.

- Then, launching a “pre-order” kind of thing for the album,

- Because I want the first NYC video to be up and running ASAP and the cassettes won’t be ready before a couple of weeks. 

Sounds legit to me ! 

A new video series about New-York (six episodes probably) and a new album coming up ! 

Crazy, crazy summer…

NOW, about this post and this video. I need NEW music ! I don’t have enough !! SO… Let’s roll !